Worin besteht Meyls Fehlverhalten?

Das will ich am Beispiel einer internationalen Veröffentlichung Meyls deutlich machen:

K. Meyl : Scalar Waves: Theory and Experiments.
Journal of Scientific Exploration 15, 199, 2001


Der Artikel kann hier heruntergeladen werden:

In den folgenden kurzen Auszügen aus Meyls Veröffentlichung habe ich an einigen Stellen gezeigt, daß alle wesentlichen Aussagen dieser Veröffentlichung falsch sind.

Ich begnüge mich hier mit kurzen Kommentaren. Alle Einzelheiten habe ich schon in den vorhergehenden Abschnitten ausführlich besprochen.

Herein is described extraordinary science: five experiments, which are incompatible with textbook physics. Following my short lecture I will present you the transmission of longitudinal electric waves.

It is a historical experiment, because 100 years ago the famous
experimental physicist Nikola Tesla measured the same wave properties, as I. From him stems a patent concerning the wireless transmission of energy (Tesla, 1900)1. Since he also had to find out that much more energy arrives at the receiver, than is taken up by the transmitter, he spoke of a "magnifying transmitter".

Das ist falsch, weil

Bei dem zitierten Patent handelt es sich um US Patent No 645,576

The discovery of the Tesla radiation is denied and isn't mentioned in the textbooks anymore. For this there are two reasons:
1. No highschool ever has rebuilt a "magnifying transmitter". The technology simply was too costly and too expensive. For this reason the results have not been reproduced, as it is imperative for an acknowledgement of Tesla irradiation. I have solved this problem by the use of modern electronics, by replacing the spark gap generator with a function generator and the operation with high-tension with 2-4 Volts low-tension.

Das ist falsch weil,

die Tesla'schen Generatoren und auch die vorgeschlagenen, aber nie verwirklichten Übertragungstrecken, mit mehreren Millionen Volt betrieben wurden bzw. betrieben werden sollten. Tesla hoffte auf diese Weise die Leitfähigkeit der Luft durch Ionisierung erhöhen zu können. Das ist mit den 2-4 Volt nicht möglich. Beide Anordnungen sind nicht vergleichbar.

I sell the experiment as a demonstration-set so that it is reproduced as often as possible. It fits in a case and has been sold 50 times in the last four weeks.

Das ist zwar möglicherweise keine Fälschung, aber es ist schon sehr bemerkenswert, daß Meyl eine wissenschaftliche Veröffentlichung in einer internationalen Zeitschrift für Werbezwecke nutzt und Verkaufszahlen anführt.

Some universities can confirm the effects. The measured degrees of effectiveness lie between 500 and 1000 percent.

Das entspricht nicht der Wahrheit.

Es gibt nicht eine einzige Universität, die Meyls Skalarwellen oder den Overunity-Effekt bestätigt hat.

The inductance is split up in two air transformers, which are wound in a completely Identical fashion. If a fed in sinusoidal tension voltage is transformed up in the transmitter, then it is again transformed down at the receiver. The output voltage should be smaller or at most equal the input voltage- but it is substantially bigger!

An alternative wiring diagramm can be drawn and calculated, but in no case does the measurable result, that light-emitting diodes at the receiver glow brightly (U>2Volt) occur, whereas at the same time the corresponding light-emitting diodes at the transmitter go out (U<2Volt)! To check this result both coils are exchanged.

The measured degree of effectiveness lies despite the exchange at 100 %. If the law of conservation of energy should not be violated, then only one interpretation is left: The open capacitor withdraws field energy from ist environment.

Das ist eine Täuschung,

denn, wie Meyl selbst weiß, ist die Spannung kein Maß für die Leistung. Außerdem ist die Senderleistung auch nach seinen eigenen veröffentlichten Messungen unter allen Versuchsbedingungen viel höher als die des Empfängers.



At the function generator I adjust the frequency and amplitude of the sinusoidal signal, with which the transmitter is operated. At the frequency regulator significantly, untill the light-emitting diodes at the receiver glow brightly, whereas those at the transmitter go out. At this point an energy transmission takes place.

If the amplitude is reduced so far that it is guaranteed that no surplus energy is radiated, then a gain of energy also takes place by energy amplification. If I take down the receiver by pulling out the earthing, then the lighting up of the LED´s signals the mentioned effect back on the transmitter. The transmitter thus feels as if its signal is received.

Das ist eine Täuschung,

denn Meyl weiß natürlich, daß die Spannung des Transmitters ansteigen muß, wenn er nicht mehr durch den Empfänger belastet wird, der ja durch ein Kabel mit dem Transmitter verbunden ist.

If I put the transmitter into the aluminium case and close the door, then nothing should arrive at the receiver. Expert laboratories for electromagnetic compatibility in this case indeed cannot detect anything, and, in spite of this fact, the receiver lamps glow! By turning the receiver coil it can be verified that an electric and not a magnetic coupling is present although the Faraday cage should shield electric fields. The scalar wave obviously overcomes the cage with a speed faster than light, by tunnelling!

Auch das ist eine Täuschung,

denn der Empfänger ist mit dem Transmitter durch einen Kabel verbunden durch das Strom zum Empfänger in den Koffer fließt. Meyl verheimlicht das seinen Lesern. Es handelt sich bei dem Meyl'schen Experiment überhaupt nicht um elektromagnetische Wellen.


Der Beitrag enthält auch einen umfangreichen theoretischen Teil, den ich nicht kommentiere. Ich verweise darauf, daß Bruhn in dem folgenden Artikel in der geichen Zeitschrift nachweist, daß die Meyl'schen "Herleitungen" falsch sind:
Journal of Scientific Exploration 15, 206, 2001. Nachfolgend das Arbstract dieses Artikels:


On the Existence of K. Meyl's Scalar Waves

Gerhard W. Bruhn, Darmstadt University of Technology, Department of Mathematics, AG 7, Schloßgartenstrasse, 7 64289 Darmstadt, Germany

In the fall of 2000, several talks were delivered by K. Meyl. These talks described his theory of so-called Tesla's scalar waves (e.g., in Meyl ["Scalar Waves" (2000) and "Longitudinalwellen-Experiments" (2000)], and on his Web site). In the following article, we shall mainly discuss the theoretical part of these publications, although the experimental part would deserve a detailed discussion in its own right. The scalar wave, according to Meyl, is an irrotational electric vector solution E of the homogeneous wave equation having non-vanishing sources. However, and this is Meyl's logical flaw, it is not the homogeneous wave equation but Maxwell's equations that are the actual starting point of any theory of electromagnetic waves. And, as will be seen see in Section 1, the homogeneous wave equation is valid only in vacuum and in its natural generalization, in homogeneous materials without free charges and currents, while in other cases the inhomogeneous wave equation would apply. So in Section 2, our next immediate result is that Meyl's source conditions are inconsistent with the material properties. Hence, we have to assume the vector field E to be source free. But- as will be shown further for this case-Maxwell's equations do not admit other than trivial scalar waves of the Meyl type, since only time- independent solutions are admissible. Under those conditions, the only permissible conclusion is that Meyl's scalar waves do not exist. At the end of his talks (Meyl, "Scalar Waves" [2000] and "Longitudinalwellen-Experiments" [2000]), Meyl makes another remarkable assertion, which we shall discuss in Section 3. Meyl claims to have generated 'vortex' solutions that propagate faster than light. But for solutions of the homogeneous wave equation, this would clearly contradict a well-known theorem of the mathematical theory of the wave equation. In addition, Meyl's proof for his claim will turn out to be a simple flaw of thinking.